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Understanding Policy Process : Is There a Single Best Way?
Politika Sürecini Anlamak : Tek Bir En İyi Model Var Mı?

Sebahattin Gültekin

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2014, Cilt 12, Sayı 24, ss. 43-74

Anahtar Kelimeler
Policy ; Public Policy ; Stage Heuristic Framework ; Diffusion Models ; Punctuated-Equilibrium ; Multiple Streams Framework
Politika ; Kamu Politikaları ; Klasik Yaklaşım Modeli ; Politika Yayılım ve Yenilik Modeli ; Çoklu Akış Modeli ; Kesintili Denge Teorisi

The stage heuristic has been treated as the sole best model to explain policy process. Is it really comprehensive enough to understand the multifaceted and complicated policymaking? This study argues that diffusion framework, the punctuated-equilibrium framework, and multiple streams framework are stronger theoretical and empirical basis than stage heuristic because of a number of reasons. They are consistent and clear particularly in understanding certain stages of policy process. They have causal relationships while stage heuristic lacks causal explanation. Stage heuristic describes the policy process in general and avoids explaining complex relationships among policy phases and policy actors. Nevertheless, the alternative frameworks provide more sophisticated, profound, and descriptive knowledge. They provide an appropriate basis to develop and test hypotheses as stage heuristic lacks real-world practicability. Accordingly, the three alternatives are preferable compared to the stage heuristic in explaining ceratin aspects of policy process, providing scientific theory, developing and revising concepts and theories, and apprehending multifaceted structure of public policy making.

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