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Digital Transformation of Sales and Operations Planning in B2b Environment

Mehmet Kart, Tümay Yavuz, Seyithan Yıldız

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Proceedings of the 15th International Logistics and Supply Chain Congress : Big data analytics in logistics and supply chain


Anahtar Kelimeler
Business to Business ; Digital Transformation ; S&OP ; Sales and operations planning

Sales and operations planning, a 30-year framework ; sub-processes, requirements, roles and responsibilities of S&OP have been discussed over and over. It has revised many times ; throughout the years new process steps have been developed and companies constantly improved it by learning from each other. Especially in the last 15 years, companies have put S&OP in the middle of planning processes and devoted considerable resources, however many companies still cannot benefit effectively from the benefits of S&OP. Even if it is a process that does not have a lot of challenges, implementing and maintaining S&OP efficiently still continues to give companies rough times. Being only process-based or tool-based concentrate causes this planning transformation to be overlooked that S&OP is as primarily a matter of change management. Especially in the digital world where speed is increasing hyperbolic and in the business environment competition is evolving, the implementation of the S&OP becomes more difficult. Therefore, traditional methods should be watched and the blessings of the digital world in the supply chain should be reflected in tactical processes such as S&OP. In this paper the contribution of the digital transformations to the S&OP process is examined with best practices in B2B environment and the further development points are determined.

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