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Working Hours (Summer Term)

-Central Library and Çengelköy Campus Library. Monday to Friday: 08:30 - 17:30
-Computerized Workspace (Acıbadem Campus). Monday to Sunday, all day and night

*Central Library, Çengelköy Campus Library and workspaces are closed on official holidays.

Information for the foreign users:
- All users except for students and staff (administrative-academic) can use library resources but may not borrow.
- You can photocopy the resources through the Copyright.
- The usage of computers in Multimedia Room and wireless network access are limited to Doğuş University members (username and password is required).

How can I find the books in the library?
You have direct access to books in the library by using open-shelf system. You first need to check the Library Catalogue to find out if the book you want is available and what its current situation is. You can then find the access number of the book in the catalogue and get it from the relevant shelf. Ask the attendant to assist you if you cannot locate the book/s yourself.

How can I make use of the periodicals?
The periodicals obtained through subscriptions and/or donations are placed alphabetically. You can check our Library Catalogue from the Periodicals menu to find out whether a periodical is available and how many issues of it there are. Periodicals cannot be checked-out.

What can I borrow in the library?
All learning resources available in the library can be checked-out except encyclopedias, manuals, atlases, dictionaries, reference books, periodicals, dissertations that have not been published and rare / out of print materials.

How and for how long can I borrow books?
Borrowing rights:
Academic: 30 days10 items
Administrative: 20 days3 items
PhD: 30 days7 items
Post Graduate: 15 days5 items
Graduate: 15 days3 items

If the book is not requested by anyone else, you can extend the check-out period by using "Library Account" link within the last three days.

How can I monitor online what I have borrowed?
You can check your account by using the Members link from the Online Services menu and extend the check-out period if necessary.

The book I want is already checked-out, what can I do?
You can reserve it. To do this, you have to use the link Members and open a private session. If the book is already checked-out, you will see when it will be returned. Click the icon next to this information, type your student number in the new window and click the reserve button. When the book is returned, an e-mail will be sent to you and the book will be kept at the circulation desk for two days.

Can I cancel a reservation for a book?
Yes. To do this, simply use the "Library Account" link and under “Cancel” click the symbol next to the book.

Can I take photocopies?
Yes. Library resources can be photocopied through the copyright law.

What should I do if I lose a book I have borrowed?
Inform the library attendant immediately. You will be required to provide a new copy of the book or pay the fee determined by the library administration.

Can I request a material to buy for the library?
You can request the procurement of these materials. You can make a list of such requests by using the link "Library Account" . PS. Academic staff should make this request by applying to the Office of the Rector through their Department Head.

What is Reserve section?
- A collection (books and other resources) to support course plans.
- These materials can be only used in-library for two hours.
- Please refer to the Circulation Desk.

Working Hours (Summer Term)
-Monday to Friday: 08:30 - 17:30
-Closed on weekends and official holidays.
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